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The Essence of Style

opheliasongcouture is the result of many years of hard work, little sleep, loads of determination, and one too many cups of coffee. With my love of fashion and passion for stylish design, I founded opheliasongcouture in 2012 and have been a professional Fashion Designer ever since. I’m proud to create pieces that are fresh, original, and timeless. Check out my latest collection.

About Our Designer

 Ophelia Song’s designs are where femininity and sophistication meet simplicity. She is inspired by nature, paintings, and bible stories. Her vision is a garment that breaks away from the monotonous, everyday casual style and embraces femininity in a refined, simple silhouette made with quality fabric. Ophelia Song started her business in China in 2012, where she crafted custom designs for Chinese celebrities and socialites. Two years later she started her company in LA and now she has two brands: Ophelia Song, her couture line and Shakespeare Republic, her ready-to-wear line.


My Entire Collection

opheliasongcouture offers all my clients a unique purchasing option unlike any other Fashion Designer. Even if an item is no longer in stock but all the necessary materials still are, I will gladly recreate an older piece. With this option, you’re able to find something special from the past that you may have missed out on the first time around. Take advantage of this offer and get in touch with me today.

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Made to Order

OPHELIA SONG creates elegant yet understated designs that are adored by fashionistas everywhere. From the color and style to the materials and size, you have the control to customize it all. Get in touch if you have a style idea in mind, and together let's create something beautiful for you to enjoy.


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